What Landscaping And Garden Plants To Grow For A Successful Plant Selling Business

What plants do you want to grow to build a successful plant selling operation. This being such a vast field the possibilities are endless. But in my opinion it is wise to start small and gradually grow as you go. Once you have started you are going to grow, if you want it or not.

I could enumerate a lot of categories of plants, but ultimately it is up to you as what would you think is more interesting and beneficial to you. What kind of plants would you enjoy the most to start with. And most importantly, what kind of plants are in demand in your area.

Here are a few suggestions that I think they are easy to start. I would begin with the woody shrubbery, that do not require any heating once they are mature and ready for sale. For the start of a small operation, until you will be able to generate some cash flow, you want to keep the operation costs as low as possible.

The shrubs should be evergreen, a good variety, of different shape and textures of the leaves to give the potential buyers a better selection to choose from.

These could be Wintergreen Boxwood, Compacta holly, Burford holly, Yaupon, Helleri holly, Azalea, Blue Pacific Juniper, Gardenia, and other popular and well known shrubs by the public in your area, used widely in landscaping.

The Ornamental grasses have a wide range of uses for borders and erosion control, that are selling very well. A few examples are Mondo grass (monkey grass) that comes in regular size and dwarf. Liriope Big Blue (green or variegated), Liriope Evergreen Giant, Aztec Grass, and many others.

These grasses are easy to propagate for the simple fact that you split them in small clumps, and plant them in a small container. Then as they get root bound, step them up in a larger pot. They are very prolific and multiply fast.

Another line of plants would be the blooming bedding plants. This is something to consider since a lot of people love blooming plants. They are attractive and will draw a lot of good traffic to your plant stand. how to sell my business

After a long and cold winter, people is itching to get out in the garden and plant those vibrant color blooming plants in their flower beds. If this is done right, it will be a great success.

One extremely sought after and profitable line for the growers is growing bedding plants. We had a fantastic success in our plant growing business with the blooming landscaping plants.

Yet another wonderful line of plants easy to grow are the herbs. If you like herbs, this is something that you should consider, because people love herbs. They are healthy, full of vitamin and minerals and some people just love to spice up their dishes and salads with a variety of good tasting and fragrant herbs.



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