Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Zodiac Sign – An Ultimate Wedding Guide


Your Style: You are a true fashion-lover and you love to put your efforts in styling your own beautiful wedding look. On your big day, the perfect match would be simple and low key, yet creative that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your Dress: Go for something simple with surprise element in it like an open back. Don’t choose something overly embellished as on your day, you definitely want the focus on you and not the dress. Hochzeitskleid Berlin


Your Style: You love to make your own style statement as comfort is what matters more to you than luxury that doesn’t fit right. You would rather dance the night away in a dress that suits well and here is what our stylist suggests you.

Your Dress: Stay away from corsets or sexy dress styles as you’re in search of a stunning dress that won’t get in the way of your fun. Choose a simple cut-out dress that embraces you in the right places without being too tight.


Your Style: You are a fashion chameleon as you can make your own style statement like a pro. You are confident in your wear and can mix and match very well. As you love to add extra sparkle, your wedding dress must be the same.

Your Dress: Choose something with extra glamour and add embellishments/ lace; stay away from volume. Make your dress a style statement that should not look over-the-top.


Your Style: Cancers’ style if defined in one word, it would be ‘Elegance’. You have your signature style and you are more likely drawn toward classic feminine styles, a` la Audrey Hepburn, but there is trendy ease to your wear.

Your Dress: Your look is perfect with Strapless A-line. You should choose soft ivory with a subtle pattern, which embraces your romantic side.


Your Style: You have a dramatic, bold nature. And surely your dress concludes bold colors and buzzy patterns. Your closet is packed with glamorous pieces that announce for your royal arrival

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