Breaking News for Frizz Free Healthy Hair

I found this amazing product with the power to convert frizzy, curly, unruly hair into lustrous, smooth, shiny locks for several months! Packed full of amino acids, proteins and with UV protection the treatment I use is formaldehyde,Urea and Aldehyde free, making it perfectly safe to apply to pregnant women and clients who have undergone chemotherapy. Featuring Kera Optimum (TM)-a complex developed exclusively for this treatment-the treatment is thermo dynamically applied using straightening irons. This seals the Keratin deeply into the hair cuticles and triggers a keratinisation process, which locks-in moisture and inhibits the effects of humidity, while smoothing. And strengthening the hair from the inside out. It’s the products unique formulation combining with the heat and conditioning agents which achieves the hair transformation, delivering a smooth, shiny, softness that will last between 2 and 5 months. To be crystal clear- the keratin treatment is not a complete straightening solution. It is a de-frizzing and smoothing treatment and the final result will depend on the tightness of the curl. For example a tighter curl will end up with a softer curl and no frizz, whereas a looser curl will end up considerably straighter. As the effect of the treatment gradually diminishes over time, there is no root regrowth to worry about. The client’s hair will return to its natural state during a 2-5 month period and the treatment is safe to repeat every six weeks. See pictures of before and after the treatment on my web site. Entertainment

If you wash your hair once per week you can expect the treatment to last 4-5 months, twice a week 3-4 months and if you wash your hair every other day you can expect the treatment to last approximately 8 weeks. It is perfectly safe to colour your hair, the week following the treatment being the recommended time. Committed to researching and developing sophisticated products for the discerning client the company developed an exclusive product range designed to optimize both the alifespan of the treatment and the condition of the hair. Free from sodium chloride (or salt which breaks down the keratin) the range includes shampoos, rinse out, leave in deep mask Conditioners and styling products.

Q. Who can apply this treatment?
A. Keratin treatments MUST be applied by a Hair Professionals ONLY.

Q. What happens if you don’t use Sodium Chloride Free shampoos, conditioners and styling products?
A. Sodium Chloride is salt “which”breaks down the Keratin and will shorten the life span of the treatment.

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